Subject Re: [firebird-support] dbexpress driver for firebird 1.5
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Daniel,

> >> I cannot find a dbexpress driver that does more
> >> than 20 transactions.
> >> i.e like the one at
> > That's a trial :-)
> I think you should mention, on the download page, that it is a
> limitation of the trial version, and that there is no such limitation
> with the registered version. That kind of statement should eliminate
> any confusion.

Well, the filename ends with "trial" and the readme states:

"Trial issues
The trial version of the driver is restricted to 20 transactions or 20

That should give people a hint.

Besides, what's the fun in a dbExpress driver that doesn't do more
than 20 transactions?

With regards,
Martijn Tonies
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