Subject Problem with events
Author nitemare_real
I know this is not a Delphi group, but I have this big problem and I
don't know where to post, because I don't know the root of the
problem, I don't know whether it is a Delphi problem (I don't think
so) or a firebird/interbase problem, I'm sorry, but I'm desperated.

I'm using Delphi 7, Firebird 1.5, IBX 7.08 and Windows XP, but I
have this
problem with Interbase 7, FIBPlus, Win98 too and all possible
of these elements.
The problem is, I have a database with some events (after insert,
delete...) and a component in Delphi to catch events (TIBEvents).
When I
connect to a database setting DatabaseName to 'c:\data\data.fdb' and
register events, everything is fine BUT if I set database name to
'localhost:c:\data\data.fdb' or '\data\data.fdb' or
'whatever:c:\data\data.fdb' or '\data\data.fdb', just
when I
register events in Delphi, 'fbserver' service ('ibserver' for
gets 99% CPU usage and my delphi program just hangs up registering
If I restart service and restart my application, everything is Ok,
till next time I restart computer

What's happening?
It's been tested with different databases engines (firebird 1.5 and
Interbase 7), different components (IBX and FIBPlus) and differents
(winXP and Win98), on local server and remote server (LAN)
Is anyone having this problem?
Has anyone this configuration working properly?