Subject Re: dbexpress driver for firebird 1.5
Author robert_hollay
Very interesting, indeed!
If there are only commercial dbexpress drivers for the FREE Firebird
then you'll rather pick the NOT FREE Interbase 7.1 with a free
dbexpress driver :-).
Nevertheless, you can try this:

They have free dbexpress drivers for FB and IB, but I don't have any
experience with them.


--- In, "robertgilland"
<robert_gilland@b...> wrote:
> I cannot find a dbexpress driver that does more
> than 20 transactions.
> i.e like the one at
> If there is no dbexpress driver than unfortuantely
> we cannot use firebird, we will have to
> move to IB 7.1
> Regards,
> Robert.