Subject gstat question - oldest active transaction value
Author michael welsch
Hi everybody,

I have a question concerning gstat output. I executed gstat with -h
option and got this result:

Database header page information:
Flags 0
Checksum 12345
Generation 70
Page size 4096
ODS version 10.1
Oldest transaction 59
Oldest active 2
Oldest snapshot 1
Next transaction 62
Bumped transaction 1
Sequence number 0
Next attachment ID 0
Implementation ID 16
Shadow count 0
Page buffers 50
Next header page 0
Database dialect 3
Creation date Mar 25, 2004 10:00:27
Attributes force write

Variable header data:
Sweep interval: 20000

What is making me a little nervous is the gap between
"Oldest active" and "Next transaction" and the value of 1
for "Oldest snapshot".
What does that mean? I read somewhere that the values should be
close, how can i achieve that?

Thanks in advance