Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: URGEND - Cannot restore with GBAK
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Alexander,

> --- In, "Steffen Heil" <lists@s...>
> wrote:
> > What I have done now is I have downloaded Interbase 7.1 trial and
> used its
> > gbak with my firebird server. -n works in that release, it restores
> the full
> > database.
> > [As far as I can tell, every row is restored and only violated
> conditions or
> > "not null"s are removed. Can someone comment on this?]
> > The "man page" (-help) of my firebirds gbak tells me that "-n" would
> skip
> > validation. Is -n somehow buggy on firebird?

Quoting something from firebird-devel: "-n is useless" ;-)

> Steffen, IMO lack of such a flexibility of gbak is largest FB's
> disadvantage. AFAIK -n gbak option in FB affects only CHECK
> constraints defined on explicitly created domains, as it was in IB6. I
> several times attempted to attract attention of developers to this
> problem but was unsuccessfull. Seems this is routine, not interesting
> work. If so, IMO Firebird Foundation, using our (not large) fund,
> should establish special grant on this task. Unfortunately just now
> Foundation is paralysed by technical problems with mail server and
> voting machine, but I'll insist on it as soon as situation will be
> normalized. We MUST have certainty that using special options we can
> retrieve data from gbk if it was created in case of any damage of the
> source database.

I started a thread "[Firebird-devel] FW: Possibly a BUG (was:
[firebird-support] -n switch of gbak.exe)?" in firebird-devel
on Dec. 11, 2003.

Claudio jumped in and did some changes in the FB2 source tree, but
I don't know what the change really affects, and if it went (or
will go) into the FB15 branch as well.