Subject "Attempted update of read-only column" (-151) after SELECT statement
Author Robert

When I execute a SELECT statement I get a
SQL error -151 "attempted update of read-only column" (on prepare).

Strange, because there is no update action, just a select.

The query I use is simplified:

SELECT t1.Id, v1.Factor*v2.Amount
FROM Table1 t1
LEFT JOIN View1 v1 ON v1.Id = t1.Id
LEFT JOIN View2 v2 ON v2.Id = t1.Id

v1.Factor and v2.Amount are both calculated.

I will try to reproduce the error in the employee.fdb (my own database is
very complex with multi-level views and also in the dutch language, so the
original query is hard to understand). But maybe this error already sounds
familiar to someone??

I use Firebird 1.5 Final on Windows32.