Subject Troubels with Firebird 1.5
Author Walter Neumann
Hello list,
I changed from Firebird 1.0 to 1.5 SS 4290 on my Linux machine (SuSE 9.0). All
worked ok. Today I remarked, that the UDFs not work. So I changed the
firebird.conf and set the path. After them the UDFs from ib_UDF work, other
still don't work.
Since 4 hours all connections are refused. So I read the firebird.log. It is
so big, that it is difficult to open (167 MB). There is always the same:
gardian open firebird
terminated abnormally (1)
and so on! 120 times per second, and that for hours. So I stoped firebird and
restartet. The same. After restarting the PC - the same.
What is here going on? Is the security.fdb damaged? What can I do, if all
connections are refused? Please help!