Subject Need some hints (FB on Linux )
Author fdtellog
I installed the 1.5 rpm successfully un RH linux 9. Works marvelously.
BUT I'm using it casually for some learning and testing and I don't want
to have the firebird service running all the time. I have this service
config tool where I can kill fb, but I think the fbguard is restarting
it immediately.
So, where do I set things up so that:
* FB does not start by default, but I see it in the runlevel
* fbguard does not run, so I can stop fb at any time without
having to kill fbguard.

Also I want to check if I'm doing things right, in order to get to
connect to a database I had to add an alias, ok, but I thought I could
have the .fdb file in my home dir... but that didn't work so I put the
database file inside the fb installation /opt/firebird. Is that ok?

Thanks for your help.