Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird on Windows
Author Fabian Chocron
> what!!! I think you're talking at cross purposes here. You can of course
> "full commit" which in this context of a transaction commit (as opposed to
> transaction commitretaining) This is not the same thing as fdb file
> remaining open and then closing when all users log of the database. no no
> no. You need all users to log off the database to get other users to see
> metadata changes but not data changes.
> Alan

Alan, the only thing I am saying is that the database.fdb on the Windows
file system does not "refreshes" the "Real" size because the Firebird
service has it open in exclusive mode, so it will only refresh under a few
conditions that are "windows" rules. Thouse rules are not "negotiables",
they are what they are. So if Firebird keeps the file open and it does not
call 1 of thouse windows specific functions (like "Flush" or "Close" or
"Commit") to "force" the OS to refresh, it will never refresh. When using
gbak to restore, it only refreshes the database size every 64Mb or something
like that, so you can not "push" it to refresh unless you change gbak.exe