Subject Re: Firebird on Windows
Author sbnspindler
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> > > It is normal when you are not committing regularly. It is
> > > expected when you try to commit regularly but you are unaware
> > what you
> > > are really doing is commitretaining regularly.
> > > Alan
> >
> > If I open my connection, I set autocommit false and then I make a
> > commit after about 1000 inserts. That's a hard commit, isn't
it ???
> >
> >
> You're using jaybird and I'm not familiar with it. But when I used
> Interclient, the type of transaction was not set at the connection
level but
> rather the transaction level. You are using the terms "set
autocommit false"
> what does this mean? What is the exact line of code you are using
to a) set
> the transaction type (if you are not accepting the default) b) the
> transaction type in jaybird, and c) the line which does the
> Alan

I don't know if the transaction type you mean is the same as the
transaction isolation level I can set in java.
I use the default one that is "transaction read committed".

By default a Connection object is in auto-commit mode, which means
that it automatically commits changes after executing each statement.
If auto-commit mode has been disabled, the method commit must be
called explicitly in order to commit changes; otherwise, database
changes will not be saved.

I set autocommit off and I make a explicit commit after about 1000
inserts with connection.commit()-method.