Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird on Windows
Author Alan McDonald
> > It is normal when you are not committing regularly. It is especially
> > expected when you try to commit regularly but you are unaware that
> what you
> > are really doing is commitretaining regularly.
> > Alan
> If I open my connection, I set autocommit false and then I make a
> commit after about 1000 inserts. That's a hard commit, isn't it ???

You're using jaybird and I'm not familiar with it. But when I used
Interclient, the type of transaction was not set at the connection level but
rather the transaction level. You are using the terms "set autocommit false"
what does this mean? What is the exact line of code you are using to a) set
the transaction type (if you are not accepting the default) b) the default
transaction type in jaybird, and c) the line which does the committing?