Subject Re: BETWEEN Operator Inclusive?
Author Svein Erling
Hi Jack!

BETWEEN is inclusive, it is just that 'DA' > 'D'. Hence, in your case
I would use something like

Select * from TABLE

(or the largest letter appropriate)

The same goes for any other datatype, the one to look out for is
TimeStamp. Even though it is inclusive,

Select * from TABLE
Where SOMEDATE Between '22.03.2004' and '26.03.2004'

will not include '26.03.2004 00:00:01' or greater.

But as I said, it IS inclusive up until the very point you give it. It
is just that things marginally more (according to human thought) is
not included.


--- In, "jackmills75" wrote:
> Hi
> How do I obtain all from a table where a varchar column "starts
> with" a range of values.
> I used the BETWEEN operator because I thought it was inclusive of
> the values, reading various articles indicates that it is (although
> I haven't seen a specific example for characters), but when I
> execute this query
> Select * from TABLE
> Where NAME Between 'A' and 'D'
> Only strings starting with 'A' to 'C' are returned.
> NAME is VARCHAR(32).
> Whereas this does return inclusive values
> Select * from TABLE
> Where TAG_NO BETWEEN 1 and 8
> TAG_NO is Int.
> Thanks for any help / explanation