Subject Database protection
Author clementdoss

I know that Firebird does not support database protection natively.
I don't know which version version will, hopefully version 2.0 :-).
BTW when will it protect databases?

But I'm starting a project that will be delivery to customers, and
they don't want to get held responsible if some employee have access
to the database file or simply copying the database to another
machine and "work his way" into it. Most of them (the customer)
don't have a way to "block" the access to the server. They are very
small company (sometimes 5 or 6 employees) and everybody stays in
the same room with the server, and sometime the server will be used
as a client too. They don't have the resource to build the required

The irony is that the customers must spend a few thousand U$ in
order to use safely a free database.

I was wondering what are you using to protect this valuable data.
Even from copying the database file to a different machine, and hack
it from there.

Best regards,