Subject Re: [firebird-support] disconnect is slow
Author Lee Jenkins
Lauri Zoova wrote:

> Helen Borrie wrote:
>>Committing and rolling back transactions is part of what happens in the
>>client clean-up before disconnect. All of the unfetched rows waiting in
>>server's row cache must be fetched across to the client before the
>>transaction can be committed or rolled back.
> What? That's nuts!
> Will this be "fixed" for v2? I sure hope so.
> This is not a big problem for local networks (tough i had noticed that
> closing the client takes a while sometimes, i had no idea why). But when
> clients connect over internet, then closing could potentially take ages
> because of this.
> I take that there is no workaround? And selecting zero rows from a table
> prior to disconnect would not help?

That brings up an interesting question for me. Is that common practice
to open the database over the internet or over a WAN like that? I know
there are people who do from reading a few posts here and there.
However, I use kbmMW for stuff like that and thought that middleware
would almost always be preferred?

I'm sure there are very good reason some have for accessing the db
server directly like that, but I was just curious....


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