Subject Re: [firebird-support] Some Questions about FB 1.5
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:41 AM 19/03/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi gyus,
>I have some questions about Firebird 1.5
>1. I noticed that the Win32 installer and the Zip kit contain different versions of fbclient.dll.
>The Win32 installer contains ver. while the Zip kit contains ver. 1.5.4290.
>So, what is the difference between these versions?

Different builds of the same code version, I believe. The build for the zip kit was done in Russia, the one for the installer in France.

>2. In release notes I read about "DummyPacketInterval" parameter and that it
>should not be used on a Win32 server with TCP/IP clients. As suggested I visited
> where is the description of the problem.
>Microsoft claims that this bug was fixed since Windows 2000 SP3.
>Can someone confirm this? Should I still adjust the SO_KEEPALIVE
>registry parameters?

Can't confirm. I haven't heard that it has been tested.

>3. As I read "OldParameterOrdering" is concerned with an old IB bug. Where I can find information
>about this bug and the queries that are affected?

OldParameterOrdering doesn't affect anything except applications built with IB Objects versions between v.3.6Ba and v.4.2If. By setting OPO true, you are effectively regressing Fb 1.5 to "support" a long-standing bug, dating from IB 5.0 through to at least IB 6.5, where parameter values in the XSQLDA structure from EXECUTE statements would be returned in scrambled order under some conditions. IBO included a workaround to descramble the parameters; IBX didn't touch it. I don't know whether FIBPlus ever addressed it.

IBO from v.4.3A forward will now test to find out which version of the server is running and, if it is a) Firebird and b) v.1.5 or higher, it will assume that the parameter ordering is correct, and bypass the descrambling code. For Fb 1.0.x and all InterBase versions, it will still descramble.

>I still use IBX to connect.
>Should I set OldParameterOrdering to TRUE?

No. The only situation where OPO has to be set true is where you are running apps compiled with those old IBO versions I mentioned. The difference for you now, with IBX and Fb 1.5, is that there will be fewer exceptions on return parameters and, in the cases where the scrambled values were of compatible data type, fewer undetected errors in data.

If you read through the articles in this link, you will find some FAQs about that bug (amongst several other IB bugs).