Subject Some Questions about FB 1.5
Author Alexander Tabakov
Hi gyus,

I have some questions about Firebird 1.5

1. I noticed that the Win32 installer and the Zip kit contain different versions of fbclient.dll.
The Win32 installer contains ver. while the Zip kit contains ver. 1.5.4290.
So, what is the difference between these versions?

2. In release notes I read about "DummyPacketInterval" parameter and that it
should not be used on a Win32 server with TCP/IP clients. As suggested I visited where is the description of the problem.
Microsoft claims that this bug was fixed since Windows 2000 SP3.
Can someone confirm this? Should I still adjust the SO_KEEPALIVE
registry parameters?

3. As I read "OldParameterOrdering" is concerned with an old IB bug. Where I can find information
about this bug and the queries that are affected? I still use IBX to connect.
Should I set OldParameterOrdering to TRUE?

Best regards,
Alexander mailto:saho@...