Subject Re: [firebird-support] Delphi 5 + BDE
Author David Johnson
How's this for an FAQ response... :o)

1. Delphi 5 was most noted for its bugs. Upgrade to at least version 6 (preferably 8).

2. Don't use TTable except for quick and dirty views of small tables - ideally never where a user's process is directly involved. Use TxxxQuery components of some sort.

3. The BDE is being deprecated and is widely known for is poor performance and high overheads. SQLXpress does not work well with Firebird/Interbase. IBX appears to have a memory leak so it is good for desktop apps, but I cannot recommend it for enterprise server apps. It does follow the Borland model more closely than IBO. IBO is about 20% faster in my tests than IBX, and I have not detected any memory leaks yet.
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From: Jukka Raisio
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2004 8:21 AM
Subject: [firebird-support] Delphi 5 + BDE

Seems to work, but TTable seems to be problem. It opens,
but short usage of it causes EAccessVialation in SQLINT32.DLL(interbase
is there knowledge about update for this? How I should work with BDE,

Shortly other stuff about 1.5
BDE NATIVE Interbase VERSION 4.0 works with intensive TQuery usage

MSSQL --- Firebird datatypes
float (8bytes) = double precision
datetime (8bytes) = timestamp
int IDENTITY (1, 1)= ??? what is this in Firebird (automatic
identity for the record)

SQL functions is there equivalents to these MSSQL stuff
@@spid, -- Current process id ->
getdate(), -- Current time in the server ->
suser_name(), -- Current username ->
host_name(), -- Current hostname of the client ->

select @@spid,getdate(),suser_name(),host_name() from apu where a=1;

Any good FAQ document?

MCSE = Minesweeper Consult, Solitare Expert.

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