Subject Re: Feature Request
Author jrodenhi
I'm sorry. I did as you said, but there have been no posts to
firebird-architect for several days now. Not even mine is showing up
so I am assuming there is a problem with that group. And, I did not
see anything that looked like my request in the New Feature Tracker

I would like to see my suggestion get some airing. Is there a
firebird developer reading who thinks this is a good idea and we
should do it, lousy idea and we should not or somewhere in between.
Here is the feature request again from my earlier posting:

"My request is to add the ability to be able to log on to a server
I can see on my network and then choose from a picklist of the
databases that it knows of and log in to that database.

I don't believe that Firebird servers are visible on the network
presently. I don't know how difficult it is to set up that kind of
visibility. Maybe the other part is more difficult than I believe. I
was thinking that, since the server has a list of its aliases in
aliases.conf file, it could export a function that would enumerate
these databases. To me that seems fairly simple.

I am assuming that, once these functions are available, it would not
be difficult for the makers of administration and query tools to take
advantage of them."

Thank you

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 05:28 PM 16/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >How does a person add a feature request to the server development
> >list?
> To reduce "noise" you are encouraged to post a message about your
idea to
> firebird-architect before deciding to post a feature request.
> discussion, if it's still a good idea,
> 1. go to, register your nick and
log in
> 2. go to firebird's Bug Tracker via menu and select Feature
> 3. if you don't find your feature listed there, click Add New and
add it.
> /heLen