Subject Newbie - Removing Databases
Author barfingdog2004
Hi Experts:

I've been creating databases in my little test program
that I can't connect to later.

SQL> connect test_database_6.fdb user 'SYSDBA' password 'xxx';
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902
internal gds software consistency check (cannot find tip page (165))

I'm not sure of the sin I may have committed, but that's
a topic for another post.

Right now I have a few of these corrupted databases
in the form of FDB files.

I'm under the impression that the proper method for
disposing of a database is to attach to the database
and invoking the "DROP DATABASE" SQL command.

But I can't attach to the database.

Is there any problem if I just delete the FDB files?

I'm on Win2K if that matters.