Subject Pluralism in collations
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi John,

--- In, "johnsparrowuk" wrote:
> So, can someone tell me how to get a case-insensitive collation
> order working?? (for UK English, if it's relevant).

Thanks for asking. I was already waiting hours for an excuse
to start my usual rant about
a) Firebird charset/collation architecture
b) case insensitive collations

For a start, this questions comes up regulary, so if you are
stubborn enough to use the brain-dead search feature at,
you can get some hints.

The next mentioning goes to "Are you sure you need a case insensitive
collation?". Honestly, if you just want that strings which differ only
in casing, are sorted next to each other, every multi-level collation
(like the <language>_<country> collations for ISO-8850-?) will fit
your bill.

Third mentioning as always goes to Dave's collations, which still
don't work for FB1.5 (or does FB1.5 not work for Dave's collations?
Philosophers to the front!) See:

For bullet points four to seven I kindly refer you to

Peter Jacobi