Subject RE: [firebird-support] Embedded server database easily corrupted
Author Steffen Heil

> > He suspects that sudden power-off causes these corruptions but not sure.
Anyone has similar problems with embedded version? Is there any way he can
solve this problem with embedded version?

> You do not say, but for windows we had great fun at one time when a whole
days work could be lost, simply because the OS was caching the information
and totally ignoring the flush to disk!

First, power-offs (exspecially multiple) are a sign that something is wrong.
Is the user turning off his system by some power switch instead of shutting
it down? Investigate this.
Second, disable write-back-caching in your OS. Database servers are designed
to keep information intact, if the system is powered off at any time.
(Therefor power-offs should only lead to loss of the information that was
changed during power-off.) As someone on this list stated, embedded server
is behaves similar to superserver - except to missing multiclient and
multithread support. It should handle such conditions just fine.

> There are a few cache settings that will make things better, but
personally, I would not want to rely on them, and always include a UPS with
a machine running as an important server.

UPS is always a good idea. But lots of poweroffs tend to be users mistakes -
UPS will change nothing.