Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded server database easily corrupted
Author Lester Caine
Da Jiao wrote:

> I raise this question for my friend because his English is not very good.
> He uses FB 1.5 both embedded and superserver versions for his application.
> It is very strange that the database using embedded version is very easy to
> get corrupted while the superserver version does not have the same problem
> at all. He suspects that sudden power-off causes these corruptions but not
> sure. Anyone has similar problems with embedded version? Is there any way he
> can solve this problem with embedded version?

Having had fun in the past with power out problems, even
before switching to Interbase, I can say it is not an easy
problem to solve in software. Some sort of UPS is a must to
ensure that power-outs can be managed.
You do not say, but for windows we had great fun at one time
when a whole days work could be lost, simply because the OS
was caching the information and totally ignoring the flush
to disk!
Things are a little better now, but since vital information
may well be held in RAM, and not get copied to disk
corruption's are difficult to avoid if you simply switch of
the power.
There are a few cache settings that will make things better,
but personally, I would not want to rely on them, and always
include a UPS with a machine running as an important server.
( Slave servers can always be rebuilt from the master so are
not so important )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services