Subject RE: [firebird-support] RE: At my wits end
Author Alan McDonald
> I have been importing them with IB Workbench V 1.4.1. It has not
> been fast.
> It cannot break the 1500 tps that I need either. I believe that it gets
> about 400-500 tps. So leaving it on overnight or the whole weekend has
> allowed me to get in a couple million records at a time. As a result the
> database is current and usable. It just requires a very long operation to
> get the data in.
> Edwin Epstein

Ed, it's a bit like getting blood from a stone with you (sorry)
how often do you need to do this? sounds like on a regular basis??
why can't the server see files on a regular basis?
where is this table data coming from?
please explain in more details what you need to do.