Subject RE: [firebird-support] IN, sub-select and select distinct
Author Russell Eva
Thank you for clearing that up, our middle tier has to look at (possibly)
other db platforms (eg Oracle) so I shall have to check what is the lowest
common denominator :-(

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] IN, sub-select and select distinct

I guess the ON in the last query was a typo ;-) >>>> Uh, oops, cut and
paste strikes again.

The first query uses the SQL-92 syntax and the second SQL-89 syntax. They
return both exactly the same results, but i prefer the JOIN syntax because
among others it's much better readable. In a quick look i can see what
belongs together. Besides that the SQL-92 supports OUTER JOINs so you can
extend the first query very easy with a LEFT JOIN and also the optimizer can
do a better task in some circumstances.

Arno Brinkman