Subject FireBird on CD and PHP interfacing
Author Viksit Gaur
Hello All!

I've recently downloaded FB, and wanted to develop an
application, which is described below.

Creating a CD, with a ReadOnly DB, and using the
embedded engine of FB 1.5. I want to use the db for a
databank of questions. Coupled to this would be a PHP
based frontend, to interact with the db. This would
have 2 major functions:

1)to add content into the database
2)to generate webpages which could be put on the CD,
such that students can use it to interact with the

Now, I had a couple of questions:
1) Has anyone used a free CMS like drupal on Firebird?

2)If not, could you suggest such a CMS (which could be
modified to suit my needs), which *has been used with

Thanks in advance,

viksit gaur

'Not all who wander are lost.'
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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