Subject Re: [firebird-support] MSVCRT.DLL - incorrect version
Author Grzegorz Modlinski
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> During tests of FB1.5 I found following problem on one Windows 98
> system. The installer put new version of msvcp60.dll into windows
> system directory, but it left there old version of msvcrt.dll.
> Because the two libraries work together, FB server refused to run
> with error 'MSVCP60.DLL file linked to missing export MSVCRT.DLL:
> __lc_collate_cp'. In case I used the computer just as a client
> station and run there IBX based application, it also failed with
> another message 'InterBase library gds32.dll not found in the path.'.
> Although I was able to correct the problem (i downloaded vcredist.exe
> which upgraded the msvcrt.dll) it leads me to two
> conclusions/questions:
> 1) I read several posts in the list from people complaining about
> missing gds32.dll library (message comes from IBX applications or
> other applications that rely on gds32.dll). Some of the errors may be
> actually caused by incorrect version of msvcrt.dll rather than
> missing or incorrect gds32.dll. The components just test whether
> gds32.dll loads ok, but if it fails it doesn't check why.
> 2) Shouldn't the installer check versions of both libraries and
> upgrade both of them or issue some warning ?
> Here is what I found:
> Before FB installation
> msvcrt.dll 5.00.7128
> msvcp60.dll none
> After FB installation
> msvcrt.dll 5.00.7128 (same as before)
> msvcp60.dll 6.00.8972.0 (this can't work)
> Regards
> Michal Kudr

The same thing happens also on Windows NT. FB fails after installation -
installer leaves old (in my case it was 4.20.6201) msvcrt.dll and puts new
msvcp60.dll next to it and I get 'fbserver.exe file linked to missing export
MSVCRT.DLL: __lc_collate_cp'.

This can of course be amended 'by hand', putting newer msvcrt.dll on the
1. But is there any plan of solving this issue? In the current situation it
is impossible to give this installer to the custormers, since when they run
it on a older system it will simply not work.

2. This is not for this group, but: I would like to put Polish text in thie
installer (I can do the translations), who should I contact about this, it
would be quite nice if FB had also Polish language installer.

Grzegorz Modlinski