Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to stop firebird from console (under Win98, which habe no services)
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:24 AM 11/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi everybody !
>We´ve got some problems, with your firebird database.
>First of all, we want to stop the firebird from the console with for
>example (fbserver -stop ?!?), but we don´t know how !

In the tray is an icon that looks like a tower server box with a little
yellow firebird near the bottom left. There is a green or red flash also
to left of the server box. It will be green if the server is running,
flashing red if the server should crash. Right-click on this icon and
select "Shutdown".

This tray icon belongs to fbguard.exe (the Guardian, see below).

>Is there anywhere a documentated list of features, which are
>supported from fbserver.exe !?! We "discovered", that possible
>parameters are
> -super -classic

Not. Those are *install* parameters, for different models of the
server. If you are running fbserver.exe then you have
Superserver. Classic isn't installed.

On Win98 you shouldn't start fbserver.exe yourself. If you took the
installation defaults, the Guardian (fbguard.exe) should start up
automatically when you log in.

>,but as already said, we don´t know how to stop the server from the

There is no "console" on Win98 because there are no services. Guardian is
the closest thing to a console when you run the server as an application.

>Our second problem is, that we have problems with the firebird db
>under win 98.
>We cann´t connect to the firebird, if we start the fb with the
>param -super, only in -classic mode it´s possible to connect to the
>fb database.

Um. Whatever the difference is, it has nothing to do with -super or
-classic. If fbserver.exe is installed then you have Superserver, not
Classic. So what program are you trying to run?

>After some statements we got a third problem. After some time it´s
>not possible anymore to connect to the fb database (but it´s running)
>After we stop and start fb db again

Ah, so you found some way to stop the server? Which server?

>(but not our java-application)

A Java application. So we don't yet know what combination of problems we
are looking at here.

We don't know which model of the server is installed.
We don't know where the database is located.
We don't know (exactly) what you are using for a client. But it is
probably some kind of Java application - using what for its connectivity
We don't know whether you are trying to use a TCP/IP connection or a
WNET named pipes connection or a local connect. (Superserver will fall
over sooner or later with local connect; and a WNET named pipes connection
needs a Windows server, which you don't have. So that gets down to TCP/IP
with two options:
a) a remote connection from another computer, using a server name that maps
(in your hosts file) to an IP address
b) one or more local connections using TCP/IP local loopback (localhost or as the server)

Have you inspected the firebird.log to see what it reports?

Please provide more information and we'll try to help.