Subject How to stop firebird from console (under Win98, which habe no services)
Author akademie2
Hi everybody !

We´ve got some problems, with your firebird database.
First of all, we want to stop the firebird from the console with for
example (fbserver -stop ?!?), but we don´t know how !

Is there anywhere a documentated list of features, which are
supported from fbserver.exe !?! We "discovered", that possible
parameters are

-super -classic

,but as already said, we don´t know how to stop the server from the

Our second problem is, that we have problems with the firebird db
under win 98.
We cann´t connect to the firebird, if we start the fb with the
param -super, only in -classic mode it´s possible to connect to the
fb database.
After some statements we got a third problem. After some time it´s
not possible anymore to connect to the fb database (but it´s running)
After we stop and start fb db again (but not our java-application)
everything works fine (for some time)

Maybe you can give us some support ....

Best regards from Austria,
René Gritsch