Subject Re: [firebird-support] problem inserting records into FB 1.5 final
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:44 AM 11/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi, i've been running FB 1.5 RC4 for several months and i've had no
>Now i want to change to 1.5 final so after reading the installation
>notes in the Release Notes pdf i backup my DB, uninstall my existing
>version and install 1.5 final.
>I can connect fine to the restored database thru IBExpert and my
>application and edit records but when i try to save a new record i'm
>getting a "Connection was lost to database:" error from IBExpert and
>from both i get "Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that
>precludes successful execution of subsequent statements. Unable to
>complete network request to host 'localhost'. Error reading data from
>the connection. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the
>remote host."
>I also had this problem with RC8 which is why i waited for the final.

Probably you are using an old client library that's located in the System
directory. You need to use the proper client with Fb 1.5 and its default
name and location are not gds32.dll and the system directory. (fbclient.dll
is in the \bin directory of Firebird).

If you are using an old version of IBExpert it won't support
"fbclient.dll". Either update your IBExpert (newest version has options, I
believe) or run the instclient.exe program with suitable parameters to have
it build a lib called gds32.dll and place it in your System dir. For
instructions, READ THE DOCS. There's a how-to for instclient.exe in
..\doc\README.Win32LibraryInstallation.txt. The new homes are described in
the release notes.