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>Date : 10/03/2004 2:39:14 PM
>Subject : Re: Re: [firebird-support] Even with NIC to NIC connection network request to host failed
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>If your apps are connecting to the IP address and, at some point, there is
>a moment when no client processes are actually running, then there may be
>nothing to stop DHCP from reallocating that IP address. A key thing here
>is: what other services are being run on that server?

Then there is no issue, because my app will be holding at connection open at all

There is firebird and mail server and samba. Nothing else

>Yes, with Classic, it's not very likely to be the prime problem. But
>resources overall are likely to be a problem, aren't they? Is anyone
>monitoring memory?

>So it's not untoward to suppose that one of those requests tips over
>because it can't get the memory resources required.

>It would be worth finding out from him how much of that 512 Mb is actually
>available for the server processes.

Helen, from what you say it is likely to be memory. I will discuss with the
Linux guy and ask him to start monitoring memory

>> >
>> >The error message you are getting ("The system could not find the
>> >environment option that was entered") looks like a custom message. Is it
>> >one you made up yourself to respond to a specific ISC error code? Have you
>> >explored the conditions that cause that ISC error code?
>>Hmm, Not it is not. That is the most puzzling thing. I am using an exception
>>logger. Originally the message would say
>>Unable to complete network request to host "".
>>Failed to establish a connection.
>That one suggests a break in the network - a dynamically changed host IP
>address would be that.

This is happenning on the NIC to NIC connection and i just found out that this
server has a statically allocated IP.

>>After this NIC to NIC experiment.This system could not find the environment
>>option that was entered is appended
>That's weird -- "environment option". Is it possible the app is trying to
>connect to a database that isn't on the server's filesystem?

Well the connection is always to the same database and this is an intermittent
problem, so that appears unlikely.

My intution tell me that you are thinking of aliases which is 1.5 thing not a 1
thing. (Do I have good intution <g>)
It is a really strange error message

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