Subject Re: [firebird-support] Does firebird work out of the box?
Author Eddie Bush
I had to open port 3050 on my firewall so I could test using non-local connect strings. In addition, I added a DB or two to my aliases.conf. Hrm ... other than that, I have not really done anything to it. My install is for development/testing though - not production.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Does firebird work out of the box?

Does firebird work out of the box or does it need a little
configuring or something on win 32 box? I know most DB's need a
little editing but what does FB need. For MySQL and PostgreSQL I had
to do a little configuring to get it to work. For PostgreSQL I had to
grant IP addresses, do I have to do this with firebird too? MySQL
never gave me problem, I don't know why firebird just can't be more
like MySQL. Dan

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