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Author Anand
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Can you supply more information?

- What IB/FB version are you using?
- How does your connect string look like?
- Is the IB/FB server running?
- Is there a firewall?

Thomas Steinmaurer
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****** original message *******

Thanks for the reply, Thomas :)

From Borland's website I obtained some information about the
error. It says
the Interbase client library is not threadsafe, and so this
error may
sometimes occur with a multi-threaded application. I would like
to know if
this error has been fixed in the Firebird 1.5 client library
(which I
suppose is fbclient.dll).

1. The Firebird version we are using is 1.5. I obtained this
from the
FirebirdSQL key in the registry.

2. The connection info is as follows:

with MyConnection do
LoginPrompt := FALSE;
ConnectionName := 'IBConnection';
DriverName := 'Interbase';
GetDriverFunc := 'getSQLDriverINTERBASE';
LibraryName := 'dbexpint.dll';
VendorLib := 'GDS32.DLL';
Params.Values['DriverName'] := 'Interbase';
Params.Values['SQLDialect'] := '3';
Params.Values['USER_NAME'] := 'sysdba';
Params.Values['PASSWORD'] := 'masterkey';
Params.Values['DATABASE'] := DatabaseName;
AfterDisconnect := MainSQLAfterDisconnect;
Connected := True;
IsConnected := True;

I realize we need to probably use the fbclient.dll instead of
Could that be causing problems? Specially if the fbclient.dll
has been made

3. The FB Server is running. At least in the services control
panel it
shows the service Running.

4. There is no firewall. The application and the FB Server are
running on
same physical machine.

5. There is no Guardian Service too. Only the Firebird Server.

In this case, if the Firebird Server is restarted, would the
problem be


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