Subject RE: [firebird-support] Unable to complete network request ...
Author Maya McLeod
I don't know if this helps much, but we have also been experiencing this
problem for a while now and still have not managed to get to the bottom of

I can duplicate the error by switching off the power to the network hub, so
it is perhaps a hardware problem. Our next step is going to be to change the
network card on the server.

When the problem occurs, it affects all programs using Firebird.

- We are using FB 1.0.0.
- Connection string is server:c:\pathtodb\dbfilename.gdb
- The service seems to temporarily stop, crashing all programs connected,
but running the program again works fine. No need to restart the server or
the service at all.
- there is no firewall.

Oh, yes, I can also duplicate the problem by writing and executing a
circular stored procedure, ie one proc, calls another, which calls another,
which calls the first one again.


> We are getting an error
> *****************************
> Unable to complete network request to host "hostname". Error
> writing data
> to the connection. An existing connection was forcibly closed
> by the remote
> host.
> *****************************
> What is the reason of the above error and what can be done to
> fix it? Is it
> something to do with network connectivity that's out of IB/FB's
> control?

Can you supply more information?

- What IB/FB version are you using?
- How does your connect string look like?
- Is the IB/FB server running?
- Is there a firewall?