Subject Databaes File Appears Corrupt
Author Chooi-Ting

Last few days, I have altered database to add 4 database files. After
adding it, the database seems have been corrupted. The error messages
appeared in the interbase.log:

geodb2 (Server) mon mar 8 03:09:08 2004
database: /db2/firebird/gdbfile/hts.gdb
database file appear corrupt( )
wrong page type
page 1000001 is of wrong type (expected 5, found 1)

At the same, we have failed to backup the database. The firebird is
running in Sun Solaris 2.8 (8.0) and the fb version is "SO-V1.0.0.796
Firebird 1.0".

May I know what is the above error messages means ? What should I do
to resolve the above problem ?

rgds, chooi ting