Subject Re: fb1.5 and multiple languages
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Peter Lee,

--- In, Peter Lee <ptle@r...> wrote:
> file that can support English, German Chinese? Before we started
with FB,
> we used Paradox tables, and had our 'multilanguage' tables as 'ascii
> Our English, Chinese and Hungarian all worked fine with this, and all
> characters displayed correctly, as long as the user has the correct
> language version (and character sets loaded). Is this type of behavior
> possible with firebird?

It depends what language support you expect from the database. Most
difficult area is sorting.

What you've done witrh your Paradox Database, was essentionall CHARSET
NONE in terms of Firebase.

You gave your DBMS some strings of 8bit (possibly MB) characters and
told the DBMS not to care what these strings are. Interpretation was
then using the system settings of the computer/OS.

This works fine, ehn
- all computers connected agree on system locale
- the DBMS isn't require to do culture correct sorting

Peter Jacobi

> We have cut and pasted some of our strings into our database, using
> IBExpert, and they seem to come in and out ok... things such as
> Elõjegyzések (Hungarian) and µ÷ºÅ (Chinese).
> Thanks,
> Peter Lee
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