Subject Has Anyone Ever Linked FB's DLL With Microsoft C++?
Author barfingdog2004
Hi Folks:

I have now spent 2 weeks failing to get my test program
to link to FB embedded using this download:

I've found that Microsoft's Visual C++ 6.0 adds a
leading underscore to it's exported symbols. A dumpbin
of the FB DLL shows no leading underscore on the symbols
it exports.

How are users of MSVC linking the Firebird DLL?

I'm thinking of a full build from source. But the
source is only available in something called a "BZ2"
format. I haven't had any luck finding a utility that
will expand a BZ2 file. Can someone point me to a site
that has a Windows BZ2 utility?

The UPS on my Solaris PC died yesterday, but I can
press that system into service if it's easier to get BZ2
for a Unix system.