Subject compatibility of V1.5 with Solaris 8 on Sparc, and embedded server for unix
Author dancingsailor2003
I would like to compile the Firebird DB engine version 1.5 in with my
C++ coded application on Solaris. I know that there is an embedded
version of FirebirdSQL for windows (fbembed.dll), can I do this with
FirebirdSQL for Solaris? I think there is also a
library for linux.

Also, can you use ODBC with firebird on solairs, and would using ODBC
make any sense with an embedded DB application?

This information didn't seem too clear in the developers guide, or in
the EmbedSQL.pdf file in the interbase 6.0 documentation.

I was looking in the firebird 1.5 release notes (nov. 16, 2003), and
saw that firebird is not supported for solaris 2.7 sparc. I am
running on Solaris 8, on sparc. Does this mean that firebird 1.5 is
not supported on solaris 8 either?