Subject Unicode troubles (was Re: East european Unicode charset)
Author h_urlaf
--- In, "Ivan Prenosil"
<Ivan.Prenosil@s...> wrote:

> It could be perhaps easier to list features UNICODE_FSS _does_
> support:
> - It is possible to transliterate characters between UNICODE_FSS
> and other character sets.
> Is that all or did I forget something ?


> Most people wanting Unicode support may as well use NONE character
> set without loosing any functionality, especially because using more
> character sets in one database is ... problematic enyway

But if you're using UNICODE_FSS, you're only using one charset in the
DB, albeit one charset that is supposed to be able to represent
whatever can be represented in any other charset. That would to me be
the entire point of using UNICODE_FSS.

> to choose single connection character set, and enforcing
> transliteration even without explicit request from client

Transliteration occurs even when it's not necesary?