Subject Re: Unicode troubles
Author h_urlaf
Hello Peter,

> Planes 1..16 (Unicode codepoints 0x10000..0x10FFFF). For lovely
> scripst like Linear B, Deseret, Byzantine Musical Notation or
> Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols.

Ah, OK.

> BUT also "CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B", which -for some value
> of 'mandatory'- is mandatory to support for products going into PR
> China.

Oops... PR China is one of our markets.

> Anyway, it would help if you can write your app charset-agnostic, so
> that it would work unchanged before and after conversion.

Charset-agnostic? There's always going to be a charset somewhere. Or
do you mean to make it configurable in the connect string... hmmm...
will FB transliterate the strings as I fetch them then?