Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: memory usage on linux vs windows (1.5 classic)
Author Paulius Pazera
| Check by gstat -h if Page Buffers value is not set within database
| individually, it overrides server-level configuration parameter. Very
| like somebody made this using gfix optimizing database for Super.

that was it. Thanks a lot, Alexandr!

it looks like linux version of classic server ignores buffer count in
header. That database originally ran on ib 5.6 on windows. That's how it got
that 20000 buffer count value in header I guess. Then we moved it to ib
6.0.2 classic on linux and it's running fine for couple years. A few days
ago I resored it on fb 1.5 classic on both linux and windows. On linux it
runs ok. On windows I had to change buffer count in db header in order to
reduce memory consumption. Thanks again...