Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: memory usage on linux vs windows (1.5 classic)
Author Paulius Pazera
> > v1.5 classic for both windows and linux (cause I need multi CPU
> > support)
> The price you pay with Classic is that each client connection creates a
new full server instance. You could perhaps reduce cache sizes and reduce
some of the other configuration parameters listed in firebird.conf, but
basically that is the tradeoff you have to make: to get the multi-CPU
support, add lots of memory.

I know, and that's fine on linux. We have several ib 6.0.2 classic servers
on linux in production and it screams (4GB for 30 clients on dual xeon and
still we have plenty left for OS cache). Fb 1.5 classic behaves very similar
on linux. Although we are considering fb 1.5 classic for windows, but all
those 4Gb is used by only 8 clients

> Regarding the different memory consumptions between Windows and Linux, are
you certain that all the cache sizes, etc., are the same on both systems?

first I was working with default config files, then I tried to override
default setting DefaultDbCachePages = 75 but nothing changed. I don't see
any other relevant parameters in config file