Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: YahooGroups WebInterface - Search
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Just use IBPhoenix search engine or

FireBase -

h> --- In, "peter_jacobi.rm"
h> <peter_jacobi@g...> wrote:
>> Am I making any silly mistake here:
>> In the past I found "Search Archive" on
>> somewhat slow,
>> but working.
>> Now it is fast, but returns only a fraction of all relevant messages.
>> Try with "UNICODE" or "TIMESTAMP". Any idea, what's wrong here?

h> It groups the results per time period. Keep clicking 'Previous' and
h> you'll find the messages eventually. The problem that remains is that
h> you'll never find out if you've seen all results (the tedium of
h> clicking past multiple '0 results' pages aside'). Yes, this is pretty
h> stoopid for a ML search.

h> The alternative would be feeding the messages to GMANE and/or MARC but
h> you'd need an archive of existing messages if you want to search the
h> history. The atkins news server could be a source for this history but
h> I haven't seen the messages from the past week or so there (which is
h> another good reason to feed our stuff into MARC).

h> Emiliano

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