Subject Re: YahooGroups WebInterface - Search
Author h_urlaf
--- In, "peter_jacobi.rm"
<peter_jacobi@g...> wrote:
> Am I making any silly mistake here:
> In the past I found "Search Archive" on
> somewhat slow,
> but working.
> Now it is fast, but returns only a fraction of all relevant messages.
> Try with "UNICODE" or "TIMESTAMP". Any idea, what's wrong here?

It groups the results per time period. Keep clicking 'Previous' and
you'll find the messages eventually. The problem that remains is that
you'll never find out if you've seen all results (the tedium of
clicking past multiple '0 results' pages aside'). Yes, this is pretty
stoopid for a ML search.

The alternative would be feeding the messages to GMANE and/or MARC but
you'd need an archive of existing messages if you want to search the
history. The atkins news server could be a source for this history but
I haven't seen the messages from the past week or so there (which is
another good reason to feed our stuff into MARC).