Subject Unicode troubles (was Re: East european Unicode charset)
Author h_urlaf
--- In, "peter_jacobi.rm"

> In theory a search on the yahoogroup web interface should show the
> past discussions of this. But that didn't work for me, so I post it
> again:

The yahoogroups search only shows partial results. You have to keep
clicking 'previous results' indefinately to find what you need, and
there are gaps in the results (10 results, prev: 0 results, prev: 0
results, prev: 5 results...)

> - no correct uppercasing, only ASCII chars are uppercased at all

OK, that would probably limit my problems somewhat.

> - character length limit not enforced (can store 'ABC' into char(1)
> character set UNICODE_FSS)

Ow... that's not so good.

> - no non-trivial collations defined for UNICODE_FSS

I could get away with that.

> - UNICODE_FSS is unaware of the astral planes, but you get way with
> this by simply treating UNICODE_FSS as CESU-9 in your code (if you
> need astral planes at all)

I have no idea (yet) what astral planes are.

If using Unicode is not the best option right now, is there an easy
way to change charsets (including transliteration) on a database?