Subject RE: [firebird-support] Remote file with samba
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> How can i say to firebird (for windows) to access a file shared by a
> samba (linux) shared directory or network drive??
> I try to connect to this file with EMS interbase /firebird manager
> Is My syntax correct when i fill the fields?
> ---> Remote server
> ----> TCP/IP
> ----> database file share/demo.gdb
> I receive the error: operation aborted...
> My samba sahre is accessible by all read and write...
> Anyone can help me??

*Don't* put a share on the directory the database file resides.
It is simply not necessary for being able to connect to a database,
and very dangerous from a security POV.

Remove the share, and use a connect string like:


Don't know how EMS lets you enter the connect string. If you
are able to choose the protocol and enter the server name
somewhere, then the path to the database on the server might
be enough. For example:


If you are using Firebird 1.5, then you might create an
server-side alias in "aliases.conf" for that particular
database. Something like:


The connect string needs to be


then. Or, again, without the server name, if that piece of
information can be put in the EMS tool somewhere else, e.g.
in a separate edit box.

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