Subject Changing the CharSet of a VarChar
Author Jaume Sabater
Hi everyone!

I have a problem with charsets in varchar fields. This is the situation:

- 700 MB Firebird DB running under FB 1.0.2 on Debian Linux Woody (I backported
the packages myself from Sid)
- 'CLIENTS' table with several VARCHAR fields with no character set nor
collation order.
- Php scripts using adodb 4.20 to access de database.

When I want to be able to browse the data from the table I have to connect with
no charset. Otherwise I get character set transliteration errors.

But when I access some other tables on the database, with varchar fields with
charsets (usually ISO8859_1 collation DE_DE), then I need to connect using
ISO8859_1 character set.

So, I would like to ALTER the table (keeping all the information, triggers,
constraints and related stored procedures) to modify the character set and
collation attributes.

I have not been able to do this. So, I tried to drop all related triggers,
constraints and stored procedures, then export the data and finally recreate
the table. It was a slow process, but it seemed to work... until I tried to
populate the table again (I got a lot of errors with blobs on the vast majority
of records, which made me lose information).

Any idea on how to do this? Any suggestions?

P.S. I have tried free trials of IBWorkBench and IBExpert to help me on this
job, but they solve noone of the mentioned errors, just speed the process up

Jaume Andreu Sabater Malondra

"Ubi sapientas ibi libertas"