Subject Re: firebird-support Collate case insensitive - for 1.5
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Gustavo, All,

--- In, "Gustavo Moda (Yahoo)" wrote:
> >For 1.0, you can use Dave's NO-ACCENT Collations, see:
> >
> I would like works in FB1.5, it's better :-)

Then you have a problem, as I see no progress in Dave's
porting to FB1.5. But perhaps now, after the official release,
he will reconsider it.

> >For 1.5 only thing I can offer, is my fbintl2.dll
> >work-glazial-progress.
> Sorry, Why "work-glazial-progress"?

Because my progress is as fast (slow) as a glacier.

> Would you mind sending it to me?

It's available in the fbarch file area, but I took the
opportunity and made it easier accessable at:

> Whow do work "fbintl2.dll" ?

Uuuh. At the moment it is just an example, how to roll your own
fbintl2.dll and can be used as skeleton for such a project. The
three character sets actually included, all prove some point or
test FB behaviour.

In fact, I have a newer version on my local computer, which
actually does something usefull, but I must re-check it before uploading.

Peter Jacobi