Subject RE: [firebird-support] gfix params
Author Alan McDonald
> Thank you for your quick reply!
> I tried to backup and it seems to bomb out at one table.
> Here's what I tried
> set isc_user=myuser
> set isc_password=password
> gfix -v -mend "e:\ib databases\luimber\lumber.gdb"
> I get incompatible switch combination.
> Kevin

you don't use -m and -v together
use -m to mark corrupt records unavailable - then try to backup again
-v releases unallocated pages and provides a report - you can do this after
you get a good backup

The steps I would recommend
1. Ensure no connection to the db are current - by renaming the file at OS
level. (if you can't rename then there's a connection open - close it)
2. Copy the file to another name so you have an exact copy the corrupt db.
3. Run gfix -m on the db - hopefully you get a backup - if -m doesn't work
try -m -i (which ignores checksum errors)
4. restore to yet another name - hopefully you get a good restore