Subject Re: Logging Changes in Table Fields - Any Shortcut Method ?
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "R. S. Patil"
<kpr_rspatil@s...> wrote:
> I would Like to Log Changes in Specific Tables and some columns
> those tables to preferably within same databases table or to some
> file is also acceptable.

Look at IBLogManager at . Sorry, can't be
more precise, my old Netscape 4.79 can't browse it. But I'll change my
old PII350 for modern machine in a few days and certainly will install
FireFox ;)

> Can it be done by a generic SP called from
> each table's (Under consideration) Triggers.

Yes, in general this tool works this way. It provide very convenient
interface to generate and modify such a triggers and other control
functions and save much of your time.

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