Subject RE: [firebird-support] Move DB from OWner SYSDBA to an new owner
Author Steffen Heil

> The SYSDBA user is the equivilent of the Root user under *NIX or
Administrator under Windows, it has access to everything. If you don't want
people to access a DB using SYSDBA, don't give them the password.

Basicly, the problem was that people could simply reinstall firebird and
thereby resetting the SYSDBA password.

The real answer is simple. You cannot prevent this. If you want to have a
secure database, store it on a secure server. Everyone who has physical
access to that machine can get access to the database. If he as root or full
administrative rights it is far easier.

BTW: Windows security patterns are somewhat more flexible as standart linux
access control patterns. Root can do everything in linux, but administrators
can be restricted in windows. Therefor you *could* make it impossible
[ignoring physical access] even for local workstation adminstrators to
modify your firebird installation. If that might help you, reply indicating
this - steps to do so are a litte complex.

But I am still interested in the question in the subject. How can I do this?
- So of my users have access to a database and I want to make them that
databases owner - as far as I understand this will enable them creating
tables... (?)